Carly Becker is a beauty blogger, writing posts and recording video of makeup reviews, tutorials, and hauls. She covers makeup from the most budget-friendly drugstore to high-end box stores and department store counters. She buys palettes the minute they come out (literally, read: Jaclyn Hill palette), and gives real, honest reviews from a regular-old woman - not a makeup artist or celebrity. She lives in Kentucky with her husband, Tim, and their cat, Poptart. 
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Carly posts three times a week: every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. She writes about three main topics:
Real, honest products reviews on everything from an individual drugstore product up to an expensive high end eye and face palette.
Easy-to-follow tutorials on new and classic techniques. I'm not a makeup artist, so see how a regular-old woman pulls off looks.
Fun haul videos to see what makeup Carly picked up on her last shopping visit - usually a mix of brand new products and some tried and true classics.

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Carly Becker
Carly Becker

Beauty Blogger

Obsessed with makeup, constantly posting to Instagram.

Tim Becker
Tim Becker

Husband, Drone Pilot

Devoted supporter of Carly and part time drone pilot, full time Supervisor.


    Keyboard Hog

    Keeps Carly company (and often annoys the hell out of her) while she blogs.

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