Month: June 2017

Acne Scars Coverage Foundation Routine

Acne Scars Coverage Foundation Routine Backstory I suffered from acne my entire early 20s. I tried every pill and cream available, and nothing helped. Then, in my late 20s, a doctor recommended isotretinoin, which you might have heard referred to as Accutane. I took it for a year, and it completely healed my acne, but […] Read more…

RCMA Foundation Review – Limelight by Alcone

My friend on Facebook sent me some free samples of the foundation she sells at Limelight by Alcone.  This foundation is known as RCMA, or Research Council of Makeup Artists. Limelight by Alcone is just one way you can purchase RCMA foundation, and it is an MLM (multi-level marketing) company, just so you know. You […] Read more…

Sephora Palette Haul! June 2017

Whoops, I was in Sephora, picking up a couple things… and left with a whole haul. Who doesn’t love a good Sephora palette haul? I mostly picked up palettes, including a cheek palette, three eye palettes, and one palette that pretty much has it all. Watch my haul video on my YouTube channel, or just […] Read more…

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