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Do you remember the first time you discovered the world of makeup?

I still remember the first time I walked into an Ulta. I had been using drugstore makeup for all of my middle school and high school years, and I was a freshman in college at the University of Kentucky. I went into Ulta to get my brows done at the Benefit Brow bar, and I was blown away at the makeup there. The cute packaging! The high quality! The amazing and innovative colors and styles!

I purchased a kit from Benefit, something like "Finding Mr. Bright." It was my first highlighter, and I loved it. Soon I was going to Ulta every pay day, and then I discovered Sephora, and everything really heated up. I was addicted to buying makeup online and getting the free gifts and samples. 

This started a 10-year obsession with makeup. I love everything about it. I love searching for it and sampling swatches on my arm at the store. I love using it every morning. I love trying new, crazy looks with it. I love how it makes me feel, how I can reflect any facet of my personality using it. 

So after 10 years of obsessively collecting makeup, something clicked, and it was time to start turning my obsession into a lifestyle. I started filming YouTube videos, writing blog posts, and posting to Instagram every day. And then, inspiration struck. I loved how makeup allowed me to show off my personality traits — maybe others would, too! Blend It Like Becker cosmetics was formed. 

You can read all about Blend It Like Becker's philosophy here:

Meet My Loves

Tim Becker

Tim is my devoted husband. When he's not hanging out with me, he's usually building, fixing, or flying quadcopters, also known as drones. He has almost as many drones as I have eyeshadow palettes. He also loves looking at cars and watching car videos. I don't get it... watching a video of the muffler of a car while it revs up? But I guess it's no different than me watching a girl blend eyeshadow into her crease!

During the week, Tim is a Premiere Team Supervisor at DHL, the shipping and logistics company. Tim and I just got married in July of 2017 in an amazing chapel wedding in Gatlinburg, but we've been together since 2014. I don't know where I'd be without this amazing man. 


Poptart is our little baby kitty. Well, he's not much of a kitten anymore, but he was when we picked him up at our local animal shelter. As I pet him through the cage and he purred and licked my hand, I knew we'd found the one. 

He's my little buddy wherever I am. If I'm on the computer, he's next to the keyboard (blocking the screen). If I'm reading on the couch, he's there (trying to get me to pet him). If I'm putting together a palette, he's on the table (knocking everything off). He's annoying as hell sometimes, but my best friend when Tim's not around. Here he is playing in the light box while I try to photograph makeup (did I mention he's annoying?). 

I'm so glad you are here to join me on this journey as I launch Blend It Like Becker cosmetics. I hope that you'll sign up for the newsletter so that you'll know whenever a new palette is released or a new promotion is running. Thank you for checking out my page! 

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