About Me


My name is Carly Becker. I’m a full time consultant during the day, but a makeup-obsessed beauty blogger all the rest of the time. I film makeup related YouTube videos and write companion blog posts for each one. I love everything about beauty blogging: researching and buying new makeup (probably my favorite part!), coming up with video ideas, filming, editing, photographing, writing, and promoting on social media. Hopefully you will enjoy watching my videos and reading my posts as much as I enjoy creating them. Please comment on posts and contact me! I want to foster a supportive, creative community of makeup artists and enthusiasts.

My Loves


My husband Tim is my best friend. He is a lead at DHL and builds and flys quadcopters in his spare time. If he’s not building a drone, he’s on Instagram looking at pictures of cars, or listening to exhaust videos on YouTube (I don’t get it).


Poptart is our cat. He’s a total diva and attention hog. He’s my companion, sitting on my computer desk while I edit video or write blog posts. He also loves to get into the photo light box.