Meet Blend It Like Becker's First Palette... Attention to Detail

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You've filled out your resume, listed your strengths, and you're ready to strut your stuff in the office. 

Your attention to detail will shine with these 13 neutral eye and cheek shades. In a mix of mattes and shimmers, you can tone it down or shimmer it up. With enough variety to create the most rule-abiding — and rule-breaking — looks, you're ready for any day. 

Nine eye shadows, two blushes, AND a highlight and contour? Also packaged in a convenient, travel-friendly palette with a hand-labeled and laminated outer cover for easy clean up, and a protective outer sleeve so the magnetic closure will never come open in your bag. 

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This palette is for you if...

Your personality leans toward the neutral side, or you work in an environment that requires you to tone down your makeup looks, but as soon as you're outta there, you're ready to amp up your look for anything the night may bring. 

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    Do you like to tone it down (or are you forced to at work)? Do you want the versatility to still create bold, dramatic looks with the same palette you use for your neutrals?  
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    Do you want to support a small business that uses makeup made in the USA, not tested on animals, and suitable for those who are gluten-free or vegan? 
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    Most likely you have a ton of palettes. Why do you need another one? This neutral palette is unlike others. Keep scrolling to see how every element of this palette has been designed to be your new favorite. 

 Meet all the shades! Each is hand-selected to create the perfect palette. 

You'll find this palette strikes a balance between matte and shimmer, light and dark, neutral and vibrant. 

Fluorescent Lights

A lot of palettes only come with one highlight shade. Either you don't like it, or you love it so much that you hit pan long before any others. 

Ceiling Tiles

That won't happen with Attention to Detail. With two highlights, a white shimmer and a matte ivory, you are free to highlight however you please. 

Sticky Note

What's a good neutral palette without a shimmery gold? 

Break Room

This color might be boring on your break room walls, but it will work wonderfully as a transition color or a subtle crease contour. 

Pennies on the Dollar

My favorite shade in the palette, this shimmery copper is captivating. 


Your cubicle might be boring, but this carbon gray/blue shade certainly isn't. Neutral enough to make it into a neutral palette, but still has some edge to it. 

Suede Pumps

This richly pigmented medium brown has a high pearl shimmer that really stands out.

Water Cooler

Make sure the gossip about you at the water cooler is all about how stunning your eye shadow is with this neutral but attention-grabbing midnight blue. 

Leather Briefcase

A neutral palette wouldn't be complete without a matte dark brown. Smoke out your outer corner or lower lash line, or go all out and load this up in your crease. 

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But wait, we haven't even looked at the cheek shades yet! 

Pantyhose Highlighter

Pink shimmer counts as neutral, right? Regardless, highlight it up with this frosted light pink highlighter. 

Brown Bag Lunch Contour

It won't be just another day when you contour with this perfectly toned medium contour. It's not too dark, not too light, not too warm, not too cool, so that it will work for almost all skin tones. 

Pencil Eraser

A soft, demure pink blush is perfect for the work day or a romantic date after work. 

15-minute Break

A beautiful rosy-peach blush is perfect for any occasion. Create a natural looking flush with one or two swipes of this pigmented blush. 

Compact palette design. The high quality, book-shaped palette snaps together with a magnetic clasp that holds tight. It also comes packaged in a protective paper sleeve, which you can keep to ensure that your palette doesn't pop open in your purse or gym bag. 

Separation of blush and eye shadow. The palette comes with a beautiful card stock insert showing the palette colors and names that you can keep inside your palette whenever you store it. This will keep the eye shadows and blushes from touching, and also be a cute reminder of the names of each color. 

Mirror included. The palette does contain a mirror. Although it is small, it is perfect for a quick touch up on the go or for doing intricate work. Plus, most of us don't use the mirrors that come in our palettes, anyway! While a bigger mirror would have been nice, I felt that including more room for product — what we all really want, after all — was more important than a large mirror.


There's Lipsticks, Too!

Dress Code (Brilliant)

The Brilliant formula is a high-shine lip gloss with a duo-chrome effect that shifts in the light. Dress Code is a perfectly dress-code-friendly pinkish mauve with a gold flip. 

Proper Pink (Dependable)

Proper Pink is the perfect medium, cool-toned pink, and with the Dependable formula, you can count on the cushiony application to dry down to a matte finish that lasts all day. 

CEO (Sweetheart)

Sweetheart is a creamy velvet semi-matte lipstick. CEO is like a power suit for your lips; the perfect mix of pink and brown, it will fit in at any workplace. 

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