Do you buy makeup online? I typically don’t, as I live just a couple of miles away from a Sephora and Ulta. But I kept seeing ColourPop around on the Internet and was curious. I saw that you can order individual pressed powders, and when you put four in your cart, it adds a free palette for you to put your shadows in (at least at the time of writing; I don’t know if it’s a temporary sale). It is so fun to create your own palette! You can watch my ColourPop Eyeshadow review video on my YouTube channel, or keep reading!

ColourPop Eyeshadow Review

ColourPop is a cosmetics website that is based out of L.A. It has eyeshadows, highlighters, and lip products, among other things. I’ve heard nothing but good reviews about it on Instagram, YouTube, and blogs. I was interested in their Yes, Please palette but it was sold out. I decided I was going to make my own version of it using their individual pressed powders.

ColourPop eyeshadow review Yes Please

This palette has lots of burnt oranges and reds, plus yellows and a dark brown.

The Free Palette

When I put four individual pressed eyeshadow powders in my cart, a free four-eyeshadow palette appeared in my cart. I don’t know if this is something they always do or just a special, but it worked for me. When I put four more in, another palette appeared. So I made it out alive with only eight shadows and two palettes (but I wanted so, so many more!)

The palette itself is a white cardboard  box with a magnetic flap on the front. It is really sturdy and stays closed. The shadows don’t rattle around in them either. The only downside is that they get dirty really easily, and the makeup just doesn’t want to come off. I tried wiping it with Micellar water and a cotton pad and the eyeshadow on the outside just didn’t budge.

ColourPop eyeshadow review lighter palette open

The inside of the palette is black cardboard with four holes to place the eyeshadow pans. They fit perfectly in there, and there is a little finger hole where you can use your nail or long object to pry the eyeshadow out of the hole.

The eyeshadow pans themselves are pretty small and shallow. They cost $5 usually, but I got them on sale for $4. The name of the eyeshadow is written on a sticker on the bottom of the pan.

My Light Palette

I wanted to create one large palette like the Yes, Please, but I didn’t feel like paying extra for the larger empty palettes that they offer when I could just get the free four piece ones. The first palette I made is all of the lighter shades. Let’s look at each shade that I got for my ColourPop eyeshadow review.

ColourPop eyeshadow review lighter palette

ColourPop eyeshadow review lighter palette swatches

Let Me Explain

Let Me Explain is a metallic ivory. It has a slightly warm tone with a metallic, shimmery finish. I bought it for the inner corner and brow bone highlight.

ColourPop eyeshadow review lighter palette swatches

Here is the swatch. It barely shows up on the light skin under my arm. It has a nice shimmer to it.

Say I Do

ColourPop eyeshadow review Say I Do

This shade is a matte baby pink. It could also be used as a highlight, or on the lid.

ColourPop eyeshadow review Say I Do swatch

It swatches as a rosy, baby pink.


ColourPop eyeshadow review Tiki

Tiki is a matte warm yellow. I planned to use it in the crease, but it could also be used on the lid or maybe even as a darker highlight.

ColourPop eyeshadow review Tiki swatch

It swatches as a warm buttery/lemony yellow.

Paper Tiger

ColourPop eyeshadow review Paper Tiger

Paper Tiger is a matte mustard. As soon as I saw this shadow on the site, I knew I had to have it! It did not disappoint. I use it in the crease.

ColourPop eyeshadow review Paper Tiger swatch

It swatches as a brown-yellow.

My Darker Palette

I wanted my darker shades to include a medium pink, a burnt orange, a burnt red, and a dark brown.

ColourPop eyeshadow review darker palette

ColourPop eyeshadow review darker palette swatches

Come and Get It

ColourPop eyeshadow review Come and Get It

Come and Get It is a duochrome rose with a gold flip. It is very metallic and shimmery. This shade is perfect for on the lid, but could be used for a inner corner/brow bone highlight as well.

ColourPop eyeshadow review Come and Get It swatch

It swatches as a shimmery pink with gold flecks that flip when you move.


ColourPop eyeshadow review Cannonball

The next shade in my ColourPop eyeshadow review is Cannonball.It is a burnt orange. I used it in the crease, but it could be used on the lid.

ColourPop eyeshadow review Cannonball swatch

It swatches as a vibrant, warm burnt orange.

Criss Cross

ColourPop eyeshadow review Criss Cross

Criss Cross is a matte brick orange. I used it on the lid, but it could be used in the crease as well.

ColourPop eyeshadow review Criss Cross swatch

It swatches as a rusty brick red/orange color. I love this shade.

Cloud Nine

ColourPop eyeshadow review Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine is a dark plummy brown. I used this in the outer corner/outer V, but it could be used in the crease as well for a really smokey eye.

ColourPop eyeshadow review Cloud Nine swatch

It swatches as a dark brown with a hint of purple/plum to it. Just a hint.

The Palettes Together

ColourPop eyeshadow review both eyeshadow palettes together

Here is the entire palette together. I included two colors that could be used as a inner corner/brow bone highlight, several colors that could be used on the lid or crease, and a dark brown for the outer corner. These palettes together remind me of what Urban Decay Naked Heat could have been if it had more yellows and oranges in it instead of being so focused on red and brown.

Two Looks Done With These Shades

For my ColourPop eyeshadow review, I created two looks. Here is an example of a look that can be done with these shades. It has the burnt yellow and oranges in the crease, the burnt red on the lid, and the dark brown on the outer corner.

This next look is similar, but has the pink/gold flip on the lid, and more orange and brown in the crease/outer corner.

ColourPop eyeshadow look 1

The Verdict on the ColourPop Eyeshadow Review

Overall, I am delighted with my purchase. The eyeshadows themselves are very pigmented, buttery, smooth, and velvety. None of them were powdery, chalky, or hard. They all blended really nicely and were very vibrant. I loved working with them.

The cardboard palettes are of high quality and the eyeshadows fit perfectly within them. They are sturdy and close firmly. Only downside is that they get dirty easily and don’t clean up well.

The eyeshadow pans are a little smaller than I was expecting, but at $4 a piece, I think they are a good value.

It was so fun to create my own palette and pick out the colors that I wanted. I already have more palettes in mind that I want to create! I really recommend this brand as I think they have good color selection, the price is very reasonable, the quality is high, and processing and shipping was relatively quick. ColourPop did not disappoint me!



26 thoughts on “ColourPop Eyeshadow Review

  • Ashley Cook

    Those do look really pigmented, which is always nice. I hate it when it looks one way in the palette and then completely different on the skin. Nice review of what seems to be a great product!

    • blenditlikebecker

      Thanks! Yes, I was amazed at how pigmented they are. It’s a really great product.

  • Courtney Blacher

    Love how detailed and honest are you.

  • Carrie

    These look great! I’m not much for makeup but my daughter would love them! 🙂

    • blenditlikebecker

      They were really a great eyeshadow and so cheap!

  • angie

    whats not to love so far I love the names, the shades and how they are put together. Great review thanks for sharing

  • Amna Tariq Shah

    I love this… the colours are so elegant and classy. I normally don’t use a lot of makeup on eyes but this seems something I could try 🙂 thanks for the post !

    • blenditlikebecker

      Thanks! The colors are very elegant, aren’t they? It makes for a really nice look. It’s interesting but it’s not too “out there.” Thanks for your comment!

  • Akshay Malhotra

    All of the shades looks wonderful, really gonna try some of them 🙂 I am sure the quality must be amazing too..Thanks for sharing!

    • blenditlikebecker

      Let me know how you like them if you try them. The quality is really good!

  • Stefanie

    The colors are so pretty!!! I normally use just nude or brown eyeshadow but the orange looks amazing on you

    • blenditlikebecker

      Thanks! I’m obsessed with orange eyeshadow right now 🙂

  • kelly reci

    thanks for the tips! i will gonna do this also!

    • blenditlikebecker

      That’s awesome, let me know how it goes!

  • Emely Roman

    What a gorgeous and accessible palette!

    • blenditlikebecker

      Accessible is a great word for it. It’s inexpensive and it’s so fun to create your own palette!

  • Lauren Alyce

    I love the detail you put into this post, I’ve never bought make up online but this is making me consider trying it!

    • blenditlikebecker

      I had never bought makeup online before (except for Sephora’s website) but this has opened up a whole new world for me. There are other brands I want to try now, too!

  • Anisa

    Love these colors !! They good so good you!! Love colorpop

  • Danielly

    I love Colourpop liquid matte lipsticks but never used their eyeshadows. They seem very good and for only 4 dollars! Such a great product for the price you pay, we can even forgive it gets dirty easily haha Cloud Nine was my favourite colour from your selection, just loved it!

    • blenditlikebecker

      Yes, $4 is so great! And I agree, I can excuse it for getting dirty. I really like Cloud Nine, too!

  • Marianne

    The shades in the palette are to die for! The look you created is so beautiful too.

    • blenditlikebecker

      Thank you! I am in love with these colors!

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