I participated in a collaboration with some lovely ladies on Instagram and our theme was “The Darkside of Holographic.” The idea was to pair holographic shades with dark colors. I decided I wanted to play around with placing these shades on top of black to really intensify them. If you have never tried that, I recommend trying it right now! It creates such an amazing look. You can watch my video demo on my YouTube channel or keep on reading!

The Darkside of Holographic

The Palette

The holographic palette that I used was the Kat Von D Alchemist palette. This palette has four holographic shades: a pink, purple, blue, and green. Sorry that it’s dirty – it’s well used!  You can see here the swatches and the difference it makes to put the holographic shade on top of black. On the left is the holographic shade alone, swatched with a finger. On the right, I first applied black, and then applied the same holographic shade on top of it. Look at that difference! You can really see the Darkside of Holographic.

The Eye Look

To create the Darkside of Holographic look, I first covered my lid and up into my crease with black eyeshadow (I used Night Shoot from the Smashbox Create & Transform palette). Then I used a brush to apply the holographic colors in a gradient effect across my lid, starting with pink in the inner corner, then purple, blue, and green. I also did the same thing under the lower lash line. For my cheekbone highlight, I used all four colors in a gradient, but I did not apply black first. Here is a look at what the eyeshadow and cheekbone highlight looked like:  

The Lip Look

I also applied black lipstick and used my finger to place the holographic shades in patches and then covered it all with clear lip gloss. It created a really cool iridescent effect that reminds me of unicorn tears!  

The Full Darkside of Holographic Look

Here’s the full look. It’s a little crazy, but I think it’s fun and artistic. I would not wear this cheek highlighter or lipstick out as regular makeup. I probably would wear a toned-down version of the eyeshadow, though! It looks really neat (and looked even better in person than in the pictures).

The Verdict

Overall, this was a really fun collab, and I’m amazed at the difference that applying holographic shades to black makes. I will be using this for future eyeshadow looks! Be sure to check me out on Instagram (@blenditlikebecker) but also check out these other lovely ladies who were a part of the collaboration: @the_makeup_novice @megansmithmakeup @dazzleme_beauty @makeup_bycarlyn @_blendingismycardio @lipsticksmywarpaint @trbeautyxo @rocketsummer17 @julietincan_beauty @bethanyspretties XOXO Carly

26 comments on “The Darkside of Holographic: Holographic Shades on Top of Black”

  1. Omg, I never thought to use my holographic eyeshadows on top of a black one! It looks incredible! I’m definitely going to try it this weekend

  2. Looks like fun. I love holographic shades and theyre so versatile. Try them over other shades too just for the shimmer. Also bite beauty has a new lip line of pragmatic shades that i highly reccomend.

    • I love holographic shades, too. I have the Smashbox Create & Transform palette that has all these “transformers” that you put on top of other colors and they change how they look. It is so cool. I will have to check out the bite beauty recommendation, thanks!

  3. The eye make-up is always fascinating. Wonder why more women don’t experiment with it more often.

    Holographic shades on top of black do stand out.

  4. Omg,the make up looks so amazing!! I wish I could pull off that kind of lipstick.. that totally look amazing!

    • I can’t work up the nerve to wear that kind of lip stick out, either. But this one did look really cool. Maybe paired with a neutral eye I could pull off the lipstick, but definitely not both together.

    • Thanks, yea I would probably wear the eyes out but definitely not the lips. I don’t really do crazy lip colors, other than the fact that I love a bright red. But purples, blues, etc. aren’t really in my wheelhouse, so I agree.

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