I was doing my best to avoid looking at the makeup aisle as I walked past it, but a giant, new, pink stand caught my eye and I was hooked. L’Oreal Paris has a new mascara out, and it makes bold claims! It’s called the Voluminous Lash Paradise, and I grabbed the shade in Blackest Brown. Let’s check out my Lash Paradise review! You can watch a video review and demo in my YouTube video on my YouTube channel, Blend it like Becker.

Lash Paradise Review Packaging

loreal lash paradise The mascara comes in a pink and black cardstock and plastic container. It depicts the wand, a before and after image, and the following claims: “91%* saw intense and volumized lashes +98% lengthening effect 87%* saw more beautiful lashes *in a consumer test.” loreal lash paradise The tube itself is light pink, almost rose gold. It says Voluminous Lash Paradise and has a gold band on it. It unscrews like a typical mascara tube.


loreal lash paradise The wand is wavy and has lots of bristles. They appear to be brush bristles and not plastic nubs.


lash paradise one coat In this picture, I have one coat of the mascara on the left eye, and nothing on the right. You can tell a difference, but this mascara doesn’t do much with one coat. It lengthened slightly, and made my lashes very dark. lash paradise two coats This picture shows two coats. Two coats is where it’s at. I started to notice much more volume and length. The color is very very dark, almost black. However, my lashes started to point in various directions kind of haphazardly, rather than all going in the same direction. This makes for a messy look. lash paradise three coats I decided to get a little crazy and go for three coats! At this point, it started to clump, and my lashes started pointing in all directions even more. Three coats was too much, but it definitely did lengthen and volumize. loreal lash paradise review final look Here’s the final look with both eyes done. Overall, I’m not the biggest fan of this mascara. It made my lashes poke out in different directions, and it started to clump on two coats, and definitely clumped on three. It’s on ok mascara, but I think I will stick to some of my more regular mascaras. Additionally, check out my review of other drugstore products, such as the Wet n Wild Mega Cushion Contour and Highlight. XOXO Carly