Two glitter palettes came out around the same time: Urban Decay Moondust and Too Faced Glitter Bomb. Which one should you buy? I’ve got 10 reasons why you need both the Moondust vs Glitter Bomb palettes. You can watch my video review on my YouTube channel, or keep reading! Moondust vs Glitter Bomb Palettes

Moondust vs Glitter Bomb

So what are the Moondust and Glitter Bomb palettes? Both are eyeshadow palettes that feature only glitter shades. And I don’t mean shimmer – I mean full on glitter! Let’s look at each palette individually.

Urban Decay Moondust

Moondust comes in a very cosmic looking box with moon-looking writing that says Moondust.

The Palette

The palette itself is really cute. It’s hard plastic with a rough texture and it looks like tons of stars on a black/dark gray background. It’s fairly thick and feels really study and solid. The word “moondust” is carved into the plastic, and the background for it is a highly reflective mirror.

The Shades

When you open it, the entire top lid is a mirror, and the bottom contains the eight glitter eyeshadow shades. The colors include: Specter, a light baby pink Granite, a gunmental silver/gray Elements, a red (maybe orange?) Lithium, a medium brown Magnetic, a royal purple Vega, a bright blue Lightyear, a bright green (reminds me of St. Patrick’s Day) Galaxy, a ???? color. I can’t tell if it’s gray, or blue, or purple… it has a crazy shift and you can’t ever put your finger on what color it is. It’s a cool shade.

The Swatches

Here are all of the shades swatched. They are all fairly pigmented, all chock full of glitter, and all fairly blendable.

The Competition: Too Faced Glitter Bomb

Now let’s look at the other glitter palette in our Moondust vs Glitter Bomb competition: the Too Faced Glitter Bomb. This is another eyeshadow palette that is full of glitter shades, although this one comes with a matte white and matte black to use for layering. Too Faced Glitter Bomb ox The box is black with vibrant glittery letters spelling out “Glitter” and then gold script for ‘Too Faced” and “Bomb.”

The Palette

Too Faced Glitter Bomb palette The palette itself is super cute. It’s black cardboard and looks exactly like the box, but where the letters for “Glitter” are, they are hollowed out and covered with clear plastic, and then filled with glitter. So as you turn the palette around and upside down, the glitter moves around within the clear plastic letters. Super cute idea!

The Shades

Too Faced Glitter Bomb palette open On the far ends are the matte white brightening base and black intensifying base. The shades include: Fairy Dust: a silvery with a touch of pink. Confetti: a barbie pink with a touch of purple Hot Damn: a bright and vibrant purple Glitter Goals: a silvery gray Rose All Day: a very light delicate pink Work It: an orange that looks red in some lighting Oh, It’s On: a gold Splash: a teal green Too Faced Glitter Bomb swatches Here are the swatches of the colors by themselves, without either of the bases with them. The first four are really light and don’t show up well on my fair skin tone. All of them were fairly pigmented, but some were way more pigmented than others (like Work It and Oh, it’s On). Too Faced Glitter Bomb swatches on white and black On the left are the shades swatched over top of the black intensifying base, and on the right are the shades swatched on the white brightening base. I really love how vibrant and intense the colors are on top of black. I don’t much care for the white base with the lighter colors, because it just looks washed out, but it looks quite nice with the more vibrant colors. Moondust vs Glitter Bomb

10 Reasons Why You Need Both Moondust vs Glitter Bomb

I like to collect eyeshadow palettes, so of course I’m going to get both of these. But if you think you only need one, you mainly need to consider which shades you want. Moondust offers a blue, kelly green, and brown that the Glitter Bomb doesn’t offer, while the Glitter Bomb has a lot more light and feminine shades. Here are my 10 reasons for why I think you need both. 🙂
  1. A girl (or guy) can never have too many eyeshadow palettes!
  2. Vega from Moondust is absolutely beautiful.
  3. Lithium from Moondust is the only neutral of the whole group, and you could make beautiful neutral eye looks with this while adding a touch of glitter.
  4. Work It and Oh, It’s On from the Glitter Bomb are super pigmented.
  5. Splash from the Glitter Bomb is a lovely teal shade that Moondust is missing.
  6. The Glitter Bomb has lots of soft, feminine shades that are great for the lid.
  7. Both palettes contain high quality eyeshadow.
  8. The packaging for both palettes is so cute and high quality.
  9. Both come from highly regarded, reputable brands.
  10. They are really similar in price (at Sephora in the US, Moondust is $49 while Glitter Bomb is $45).
So there you have it! I will be that bad influence in your life that tells you you need ALL THE PALETTES! Speaking of all the palettes, have you checked out my review for the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette? XOXO Carly

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    • I would probably choose Moondust because it has a nice blue, a brown, and that weird Galaxy shade that shifts and is so interesting. I think the brown is a big selling point, sometimes I want a little sparkle in my life but I don’t want to use crazy colors.

  1. Those palettes are so colorful! I think Urban Decay’s palette would compliment my skin tone better but I have to admit that those purples from Too Faced’s palette also have my name all over them.

    • They really are perfect together, today I used the brown Lithium from Moondust and the light purple (I forget the name) from Glitter Bomb and it looked so cute! I love the purples.

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