It was 10:59am, and I was on Morphe’s website, repeatedly mashing the refresh button. Then there it was. The Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette was available to purchase. I snatched it up in my cart and immediately went to checkout. After a long and laborious wait, the palette was mine! I was so excited to get this much-hyped and much-talked about palette. Now I want to share my Jaclyn Hill palette review with you! You can watch my Jaclyn Hill palette review video on my YouTube channel, or keep reading!

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette Review

The Palette Itself

As for my Jaclyn Hill palette review, let’s start off with the palette itself. The palette came packaged in a cardboard box with some foam protecting it. I lost the box and don’t really remember what it looked like. The palette itself is white with silver writing that says “The Jaclyn Hill Palette,” and “Morphe” in the corner. The back says “Morphe x Jaclyn Hill” with a bunch of “JH”s all over. The writing has a metallic finish and shifts with the light. I was expecting more from the design of the palette – I mean anyone can take a white cover and write their name on it in silver script. More thought could have went into making the design worth all the hype. Jaclyn Hill palette review the outside of the palette Jaclyn Hill palette review closer up of the outside of the palette As you can see from my images, it’s really easy to get the palette dirty, and it does not want to come clean. I got eyeshadow on it while I was swatching it and no amount of Micellar water or eye makeup remover would get it off. The palette is cardboard, and has a magnetic clasp on the front edge that holds the lid down. Jaclyn Hill palette review the palette open The palette comes with 35 beautiful eye shadow shades, ranging from a very light ivory to a deep black. The inside is silver and has a message from Jaclyn: “This palette is dedicated to all my loving subscribers. XO Jaclyn.” I think that is a very nice message, but I think taking up the entire top lid of the palette is a waste of space. They could have put a mirror there or the names of the eye shadows, because the eye shadows are not marked and come with a separate card with the names on it.

The Eye Shadow Colors

The First Row

Jaclyn Hill palette review first row of swatches The first row consists of: Enlight, a pale ivory shimmer. Beam, a slightly more golden pale ivory shimmer. This shade and Enlight are perfect for the brow bone and inner corner highlight. Silk Creme, a light matte nude brown. This shade is perfect for an all over base color, as it is similar to my skin color. M.F.E.O., a slightly darker light matte nude brown. Faint, a light baby pink with shimmer. Sissy, a medium shimmery pink. Little Lady, a medium shimmery pink, but lighter and more muted than Sissy.

The Second Row

Jaclyn Hill palette review second row of swatches The second row of my Jaclyn Hill palette review consists of: Creamsicle, a matte mustard yellow. Butter, a light matte brown. Pooter, a slightly darker and cooler matte brown. Pukey, a matte greenish brown that indeed is the color of baby puke (the namesake) Hunts, a beautiful vibrant matte brick red. Firework, a shimmery pinkish-red. Queen, a shimmery metallic gold.

The Third Row

Jaclyn Hill palette review third row of swatches The third row of my Jaclyn Hill palette review consists of: Obsessed, a neutral shimmery gray/silver. S.B.N. a medium brown. Hillster, a deeper brown shimmer. Roxanne, a burgundy red. Jacz, a slightly different burgundy red. Buns, a matte medium brown. Cranapple, a shimmery red/pink.

The Fourth Row

Jaclyn Hill palette review fourth row of swatches The fourth row (you tired yet?!) consists of: Royalty, a bright royal purple shimmer. Twerk, a matte royal blue. Hustle, a neutral gray/silver shimmer with a metallic finish. Meeks, a shimmery medium brown. 24/7, a slightly darker and cooler medium brown with shimmer. Chip, a darker brown matte. Mocha, a coffee colored brown matte.

The Fifth Row

Jaclyn Hill palette review fifth row of swatches The fifth and final row (thank God!) consists of: Pool Party, a shimmery teal/turquoise. Jada, a deeper matte teal. Diva, a shimmery jade green. Enchanted, a deep forest green. Central Park, a dark matte brown. Soda Pop, a really dark matte purple. Abyss, a deep black. Whew! That’s a lot of eyeshadow!


This palette is so versatile. There’s literally hundreds, probably thousands of different looks that one could get from this palette. The one that I did in the demo portion of my video is a desert/Southwestern themed eye look with teal, brick red, and mustard yellow. Here is how it turned out: Jaclyn Hill palette review example demo eyeshadow

The Verdict

As for the verdict of my Jaclyn Hill palette review, I have to preface it with this: I am not a Jaclyn Hill fangirl. I really like her, I watch her videos, and I obviously bought her palette, but I am not obsessed with her. So this is my honest review of the palette, and I really do think it’s a great palette. The palette itself is a little lacking, as it’s cardboard, the design on it isn’t particularly spectacular, and it gets dirty really easy (and won’t clean off). The eyeshadows, however, are amazing. Every single one of them is soft, buttery, creamy, pigmented, and blendable. None of them are powdery, chalky, or patchy. They are literally every adjective you would want in an eye shadow. And you get 35 of them, in pretty large pans! It’s a great value (I believe I paid $31.99). So overall, I am incredibly pleased with my purchase and this palette is totally worth the hype! I believe they are releasing another batch of them in August, so if you haven’t picked one up yet, I highly recommend it! Thank you for reading my Jaclyn Hill palette review. If you’d like to see another eyeshadow review, check out my Urban Decay Naked Heat review. XOXO Carly

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  1. This palette looks so gorgeous for the money. I’m always tempted to buy beautiful bright palettes like this but I know that I’m such a neutrals girl and I’d never use them. Great review 🙂

    Emma | Rosy Disposition

  2. Great review! This palette looks amazing. I’m not a huge fan of the first row but the rest looks pretty. Lucky you to get it!

  3. Great review. I’m loving how pigmented these look in your swatches. I have seen this palette on Instagram and am very tempted! Haha!! xx

    • It really is so pigmented. That’s just a normal swatch, I’m not loading up my finger with product or anything. She really did make a good product, no matter what anyone says about her.

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