Silicone Makeup Sponges: Need it or Nah?

I was perusing around Amazon and came across these silicone sponges. How intriguing! A sponge that wastes no product, is easy to clean, and leaves a flawless base? Sign me up! I picked some up and tried them out. You can watch my video review of how to use silicone makeup sponges on my YouTube […] Read more…

Acne Scars Coverage Foundation Routine

Acne Scars Coverage Foundation Routine Backstory I suffered from acne my entire early 20s. I tried every pill and cream available, and nothing helped. Then, in my late 20s, a doctor recommended isotretinoin, which you might have heard referred to as Accutane. I took it for a year, and it completely healed my acne, but […] Read more…

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