There aren’t that many blush palettes out there, but Sephora released one called the Sephora Contour Blush palette, so I picked it up. It’s a nice palette with six various shades of blush that would work on a lot of skin tones. You can watch a review and demo video on my YouTube channel or keep reading!

Sephora Contour Blush Palette

This palette can only be found at Sephora, as it is part of the Sephora collection. It runs for $30 in the United States and can be bought online or in most stores. I bought mine in the store down the street from my house (yes, I live about 5 minutes away from a Sephora. It’s awesome and very, very dangerous).

The Box

Sephora Contour Blush box The palette comes in a pretty box that says Sephora Contour Blush. The box has a pretty gradient effect from rosy pink to a peach color. The back of the box gives a marketing description of the palette and shows the six colors broken up.

The palette

Sephora Contour Blush palette The palette itself has a clear top and a black outer border, and says Sephora on it. You can see the six shades inside the palette through the clear top. It opens from the bottom with a hinge opening. Sephora Contour Blush palette open

Darkest Shades

Sephora Contour Blush dark shades The first two shades we will look at are the darkest shades. They are basically the same color, except the one on the right is matte while the one on the left is shimmer. These are a plummy purple color. Sephora Contour Blush swatches Here are swatches of the shades, with the shimmer on the bottom and the matte on the top.

Medium Shades

Sephora Contour Blush medium shades The next two shades are the medium shades in the palette. The one on the left is matte, and is slightly nude with a light pink and light purple undertone. The one on the right is a shimmery rosy pink with gold flecks. The shimmery medium shade is on top. It is very bright pink. The bottom swatch here is the medium matte shade. It comes across as more pink on the swatch than it does in the pan.  

Lightest Shades

Sephora Contour Blush light shades The final two shades are more like highlight shades. The one on the left is warmer, while the one on the right is moire of a cool brown. Both are shimmers with gold flecks.  Sephora Contour Blush light shades swatchSephora Contour Blush light shade swatch The two shades above are the highlighting shades. You can see that they are very similar, but one is more orange than the other (top one).


I believe these blushes are just designed to be used as blushes, but in my YouTube video, I attempted to use the Sephora Contour Blush as an actual contour palette, where I contoured with the darkest shade, used the medium shade on the apples of my cheeks, and highlighted the top of my cheekbone with the lightest shades. It didn’t turn out all that great. I don’t like the look of a blush contour (a nice brown shade looks much nicer and less like a clown) and the highlighters are too dark for my light/medium skin tone. But if you just use these as blushes, they are quite nice.


Overall, I like this palette. It has a good variety of colors and would look good with many skin tones. It is pigmented and a little goes a long way. I would like even more variety of color, because the two deepest shades are basically the same (just matte vs shimmer) and the two highlighter shades are very similar. I’m still on the lookout for the perfect blush palette. Right now, the e.l.f. Blush Palette is winning. You can check out a Full Face e.l.f. post where I use that palette here. XOXO Carly  

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  1. Cute palette and nice post! How do you live that close to a Sephora and not be bankrupt???? Haha!
    I am in the UK so jealous of anyone who can get to a Sephora….although I only have about 9 weeks to wait to go to NYC so I’ll get to go then!! xx

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