If you’ve ever browsed YouTube for makeup review or tutorials, you’ve surely stumbled across the brand Sigma. Makeup artists large and small tout how amazing the brushes are, but I just couldn’t justify the price. However, I can tell you how to save money on Sigma brushes: wait for their semi-annual sale. It just happened a couple of weeks ago, so it will probably be awhile before they do it again, but sign up for their newsletter, and trust me, they will notify you of any and all sales. I picked up the three brush sets I’m going to review in this post during this sale, and it saved me a whooping 70%. I was able to basically get all three for the price of one regular priced set. So let’s jump into the review of the brushes, and then I’ll give you 6 reasons why you need to have these brushes in your life. You can watch my haul and review video on my YouTube channel, or just keep reading!

Sigma Brushes

The Highlight & Contour Set

The first set of Sigma brushes we will look at is the Sigma Highlight & Contour brush set.

The Box

It comes in a black box with shiny writing, and the back gives a description of the brushes and lists the name and number of the six brushes you get in the set.

The Brushes

This set come with six Sigma brushes. All of the brushes have black handles that say “Sigma” in silver script and the name and number of the brush. The ferrule (the metal part that connects the bristles to the handle) is a highly polished, smooth silver, and is very solidly on the handle. I haven’t had a ferrule come off the handle (unlike with my cheap Lamora brushes) and I’ve only had one bristle come out of one of the brushes. I have not washed them yet, though.

The Brushes, Individually

The brushes from left to right are:

F23 Soft Angled Contour

A soft and fluffy brush with angled bristles. This brush is perfect for a soft, blended contour, rather than a sharp angular contour. It’s great for a more natural look.

F04 Extreme Structure Contour

I find this brush works great on my temples. It seems to fit into that area of my forehead really well. It’s also really good for the jawline. I don’t particularly like it for under my cheekbone.

F57 Emphasize Contour

This brush is very dense, stiff, and angular, with a curving sweep that fits right under your cheekbone. It is great for applying cream product to the hollows of the cheeks for a more angular and defined contour. This creates a more glam look than the Soft Angled Contour brush.

F77 Chisel and Trim

This is probably my least favorite of the brushes in this set. It has short, dense, stiff bristles that are completely square and angular. The only use I can find for it is for my nose contour, but I mean, do I really need an entire brush just to do my nose contour? Regardless, I have one! And it does work well. I just don’t like it for the jawline or hollows of my cheeks.

F56 Accentuate Highlight

This brush is like the highlighting cousin of the Emphasize Contour brush. It is dense, stiff, and sharply angled as well, but it is smaller and fits perfectly on the high point of your cheekbone. It is great for applying highlighter under the eyes and on the forehead, as well.

F03 High Cheekbone Highlighter

This is my favorite brush from the set. It is very long and has soft, medium length fluffy bristles, and is rather small. It is PERFECT for dusting shimmer highlighter over the high points of your cheekbones. I feel so professional when I use this brush.

F37 Spotlight Duster

This is my second favorite brush from the set. It has very long, soft, fluffy bristles and is perfect for delicately sweeping highlight under the eyes and on the forehead. It is just so delicate!

Extreme Color Payoff Brushes

The next set I got from Sigma brushes is the Extreme Color Payoff set. This set is designed to give you great color payoff so that you can have vibrant, pigmented, bold colors on your eyes.

The Box

The box is white cardboard and says “Extreme Color Payoff Kit | Professional Brush Collection.” The back gives a description of the kit and lists the brushes that are included.

The Brushes

The Sigma brushes from left to right are:

E20 Short Shader

This brush is perfect for packing on color in a small area. It is really dense and stiff, with short bristles that are great for precise control.

E59 Wide Shader

This brush is fairly large, so it’s best for sweeping a color all over the lid or the entire eye area. I use it to cover my eye area with my neutral light base shadow before I apply any other shadows. It’s kind of a one-trick pony for me in that sense, but it’s still a handy brush to have.

E57 Firm Shader

This is my favorite brush from this set. It is perfect for applying color to the lid. You can delicately add color, or you can really pack it on for a lot of color pay off. It’s exactly like the E20 Short Shader except that it has longer bristles.

E58 Cream Color

This brush is the one I’ve used the least. It has long, soft bristles and is supposed to be used with cream color. I’ve only used it once and it did an okay job, but I definitely need to experiment with this one more.

E30 Pencil

This is a really handy brush. It can be used for detail work in the crease, but the way I use it the most is to apply my inner corner and browbone highlights. Since I have hooded eyes, I bring my crease color up really high on my brow bone, leaving just a sliver of skin under my brow to highlight. This brush fits perfectly within that sliver.

E44 Firm Blender

This is the only blending brush in the kit. It has stiff dense bristles, so it’s definitely firm as the name implies. I tend to use the brushes that came with my Perfect Blend Kit rather than this one, but it’s still a nice brush and I’m glad the set came with at least one blending brush.

The Perfect Blend Kit

The final brush set I got from Sigma brushes is the Perfect Blend Kit, which contains six blending brushes.

The Box

The box looks exactly the same as the Color Payoff kit except that it says “The Perfect Blend Kit.” The back has a description and a list of the six brushes that are included.

The Brushes

The brushes from left to right are:

E37 All Over Blend

This is my favorite brush from this set. It is a large dense fluffy brush that is perfect for blending the edges of colors into each other and just generally blending all over.

E32 Exact Blend

This is a smaller blending brush that is good for blending a small area, as the name suggests. It’s small size allows you to be more precise with what you are blending.

E48 Pointed Crease

I have no idea how to use this brush! It is so weird! It’s got extremely long bristles and is pointed on the end. I need to watch some YouTube videos to figure out how exactly you’re supposed to use this brush.

E71 Highlight Diffuser

I have since lost this brush, so hopefully it shows up soon. It was highly angled on the top and was perfect for diffusing your brow bone highlight into the crease color.

E38 Diffused Crease

This might actually be my favorite brush from the set. It is the perfect size and amount of fluffiness to apply any shade to your crease. I love this brush and use it literally every day, along with the All Over Blend.

E39 Buff and Blend

I haven’t used this brush much because I like the All Over Blend, but this is another solid blending brush that is just a different size and shape than the other ones, so you can experiment and see which one works best for you.

The Freebies

I was trying to be good, so at first when the sale started, I just purchased the Highlight & Contour kit. Then when the sale was on a little longer, I thought, oh I’ll buy one more. Then on the last day of the sale, I was like oh god I got to get one more! So I ended up with three separate orders, which means I got three free mini brushes!  

E25 Blending

This is a nice little blending brush. It is small and travel-friendly and has a good amount of fluffiness. I don’t tend to use it often because my bigger brushes get more use every day.

E65 Small Angle

This is my favorite of the freebie brushes, hands down. I use this absolutely every day to do my brows with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow. It work so perfectly, so much better than the ABH #17 brush does (it totally blew out on me after a few uses and the bristles pointed in all directions). I love this brush.

E47 Shader – Crease

This is probably my least favorite brush from the whole brush set. I just don’t like it for the crease. It is too small and the bristles are too long and I feel like I just make a mess of things. I might need to practice with this one more.

The Verdict on Sigma Brushes

From the three kits that I bought, I can definitely say, these brushes are amazing! I have cheap brushes I bought off Amazon (Lamora) that I thought were really nice until I got these Sigma brushes! They totally blow everything else out of the water, even my Morphe brushes (which I was not that impressed with). I would highly recommend picking up some of the Sigma brushes; if not a kit, then at least a couple of the individual brushes that you liked from this review. Hopefully they have another big sale soon so that I can pick up some foundation and powder brushes, because I don’t have anything like that from them.

Six Reasons to Be Addicted to Sigma Brushes

  1. They are extremely high quality brushes.
  2. The ferrules are securely connected to the handles and are very smooth with no jagged edges or lines.
  3. The bristles are soft and securely in there (I’ve only had one single hair come out of one of the brushes).
  4. The fact that you can buy kits gives you a discount off the brushes and lets you try a variety of styles.
  5. They are really nice looking brushes, and they sell specialty brushes if you’re willing to pay more that look even nicer.
  6. They are worth the price, and they often run sales (sign up for their newsletter) so that you can pick them up for cheaper.
Note that I am not an affiliate of Sigma. This is my honest review of these brushes. They’re really that good! Need tips on applying eyeshadow? Learn my 6 eyeshadow tips that I learned the hard way right here. XOXO Carly

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  1. I love Sigma, but you are right, hard to justify the price. Gotta get in on the sem-annual sale mail list otherwise it’s a no-go for me. 🙂

  2. Some of my first good brushes were Sigma and I love them. I also love Zoeva for the price too. If you haven’t already, you should try the Sigma E35 and E40 brushes. I use them basically every single day.

    Emma | Rosy Disposition

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